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What is the HYBPAI?

The "Holmen Youth Baseball Parent's Association, lnc."(HYBPAI) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the support and promotion of youth baseball within the HolmenSchool District. The Association provides this support by:

Organizing and administering a competitive youth baseball program for the Holmen area; emphasizing participation, learning, sportsmanship, safety, and fun for all participants.

Providing spirited league and tournament competition through membership in the La Crosse Independent Baseball League and through entry in area and regionally sponsored team tournaments.


The "Philosophy" of the HYBPAI can be summarized by four words:



Teams will be organized to allow players of all skill levels to contribute to the success of their team. All players will play each game. At most levels unlimited substitution rules are used to allow coaches to give all players plenty of playing time.


Players will be provided not only the opportunity to acquire and practice the basic skills of baseball, but also to form, develop and use the concepts of sportsmanship, fair-play, cooperation, team involvement, loyalty, and discipline.


Each player will be encouraged to embrace the idea that the good team is the tough-but-fair team; that the players on such a team respect their opponents and all game officials, have pride in their victories and learn from their defeats, play their best at all times and have the most fun doing it.


HYBPAI is committed not only to developing baseball skill in children, but is also committed to developing youth opportunities for the community. HYBPAI recognizes the importance of the adult investment in our children and the direct impact that investment holds for the future of our community.

Who Can Play?

All boys and girls in good health are encouraged to participate. Teams are limited to 13 players to guarantee considerable playing time to all players. Players will be teamed according to ability within the four age categories. Age categories for teams are:

1. Rookie (6 & 7 year olds)  

2. 10 and under   

3. 12 and under  

4. 14 and under
Who are the Coaches?

The HYBPAI recognizes the need for quality coaches. We require all coaches to participate in a coaching clinic to learn not only how to teach physical skills but also to instill the philosophy of HYBPAI. The Association always needs additional volunteer coaches of all experience levels. Even if they do not coach, parents are encouraged to participate in any way possible.

When are the Games?

All league games will be played on weekday evenings. 10 & Under play on Monday and Wednesday, while Rookies, 12 & Under and 14 & Under play on Tuesday and Thursday. Tournament games are typically played on weekends.

When are the Practices?

Coaches schedule team practices. Parent input to practice schedules is a consideration.


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